Our Values Are As Follows:

● Conflict and Oppression Free
All extraction, processing, and production must be conducted with the consent of the persons who participate in the stewardship of their local resources and are free from duress and free to choose their mode of engagement.

● Ecologically Sound
All steps in the extraction, processing, production, and logistics value chain must evidence active steps to transition from polluting to clean methods with corresponding direction given to the cradle to cradle lifecycle repurposing of product components.

● Shared Risk and Reward
All capital structures must reflect an appropriate balance between risk and reward. Each participant in a transaction must share in the profit and loss of a transaction. This implies a reliance on credit (not debt) that is appropriately discounted and scaled to future productivity.

● Productive Economic Purpose
The transaction must have a ‘material finality’ in that it is directly or indirectly linked to a real economic transaction. A real economic purpose is defined by a transaction including actual assets (not derivatives).

● Transparent
All value exchanges in the global community are disclosed to all participants in the transaction allowing communities to assess their degree of engagement.